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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Guest Lecture Unleashed - A Lecture by Dr. Dinesh Chandrasekhar on "Disruptive Technologies for the Digital Nation"

A good lecturer is an artist.

- Lecturing is a type of art.

D.O.T Family warmly welcomed a person with around 18+ years of progressive Technology & Consulting experience in CRM/CX Cloud, MDM and Digital Technologies such as Cloud, Big-data Analytics, IoT(Internet of things) & Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Dinesh Chandrasekhar as a guest to give an informational lecture on “Disruptive Technologies for the Digital Nation”. He started with a brief introduction on himself which was an amazing description a person can give on oneself. 

He started as a journalist, analyst. He had worked with GE. He is currently part of the Global Solution and Innovation (GSI) Group of Hitachi Consulting, The “A” Team which is leading the Innovation and development of global solutions in 4 Pillar technologies such as Cloud, Digital Transformation, IoT & Big Data Analytics & AI across industries. With 14 years of experience in Hitachi and a work experience with clients across the Globe this person is a good orator in himself. He was sent to Saudi Arabia for work instead of The US. 

He spoke a lot about disruptive technologies and how India is getting digitized. The applications like BHIM and CISF Mobile App are examples to support digitization. He talked about mutant innovation. Giving or showing us the examples of teenagers who have worked wonders in some fields of technology which motivated the audience to do something great in their lives. He mentioned some companies like Astro, Spectral Insights and Ecolibrium which are working in fields of space technology, healthcare and energy respectively. 

He also spoke about how new innovations in CCTV have helped the whole nation with theft as there are machines now which can not only capture images of people roaming all around like in a CCTV but also find criminals in that hush of people. The technology in all the countries is improving by leaps and bounds and it is the need of an hour for any nation to progress. He talked about automation and how robots would take most of our manual jobs till 2025. He gave a lot many live examples from his journey in Hitachi working as a technology expert in that company. 

Every lecturer wants to tell a lot many things, share a lot many experiences but time remains the only constraint. Because of less time even our guest had to cut short his lecture but the knowledge and the information we got from whatever was explained was unmatched. The D.O.T Family wholeheartedly takes this privilege to thank Dr. Dinesh to take some time out from his busy schedule to come back to the institute from where he pursued his own masters and give a guest lecture.

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