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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Digital Marketing and the Thumb Rules

With evolution of technology, everything is changing and changing so fast that we are unable to keep pace with it. Old traditional ways are taking the news ways to solve its problem through digital technology. ‘Excel is what we breathe in corporate life’ as told by seniors who are placed and working in big companies. Finance is handled by Financial Models and Excel is the best tool for it. HR uses HR Matrices and HR Analytics. I wondered what Marketing would be using? What is the future of Marketing? With a keen interest I started finding it. Luckily after many days of research I found the answers in Digital Marketing Summit 2015 at T-Hub, Hyderabad. So I would now attempt to try to explain what Digital Marketing is all about.

I recently read in a newspaper that, out of total budget of marketing expenditure 60% is allotted to Digital Marketing. I was amazed as there are plenty of companies in India and if it’s the future of Marketing, those who invest time and money here, will all going to be millionaires. In summit a person with amazing voice said something I never heard before. Mr. Nabeel took the topic of Principles of Digital Strategy. Digital strategy?? Is it Facebook, Youtube, Mobile Apps or Pinterest or Website making? These all thoughts invaded my mind. As told by Nabeel, it is not what you see. Let me put in simple words, “A plan to accomplish something with digital tools is Digital Strategy”. Wow, Simple yet powerful. All tools used for Digital Strategy must focus on these areas, Branding, Social Media, Content marketing, Video Production, Email Marketing, Website, Advertising and SEO.  What about principles? So here we go.

First principle as told by Nabeel was, “#1 Know Thyself”. The person must measure Brand’s social footprint that tells us its “presence”. We must also check “influence”- branded message adoption, “Perception”- Measuring emotional reactions, “virality”- People organically participating in conversation through blogs and other mediums and last “Resonance”. If you check on those focus points I think you know yourself.

Second principle “#2 Put your best foot forward”. This focus mostly on Defining voice & tone of the brand, Coming up with a compelling content strategy and Creation of targeted content. Content can be either curated or created.

Third principle “#3 Know your customer”. We really think we know our customer and it would too easy but this is the most crucial area to focus upon. Can you think of first customer who will buy your products and services? If you can name it, I think you are on the way. It becomes nowadays very important which need of your customer you are addressing. Brainstorming, market research and different tools will enable you to know who your customer is.

Forth principle “# 4 Actively Engage”. Engaging must done with dialogues and not monologues. Nabeel gave very good examples for this. Recently a post went viral that said Mr. Narendra Modi replied to a him on twitter. The guy expressed his excitement of getting the reply from PM of India. Another Engaging strategy would be story telling format. Best and effective tool as it creates an emotional bonding. But one must always focus ‘sort of emotions should story evoke’. Lastly ‘Story must incite some action’.

After listening to him I thought it was fascinating to work in a Digital Marketing firm. But all new technologies comes with challenges too. First challenge that one would face is there is “abundant choice” in the marketing. You need to gear up and give your best shot. Big players won’t give you much time to correct it, so doing it correctly the first time itself is the challenge. Second Challenge faced by people working in digital marketing is “scarce attention”. “As a marketing guy you need to be heard”, once our faculty told us in lecture. Hence getting attention in the vast pool of internet is itself a challenge.

Really this is the future. Future of Marketing. There will be a time when you will see that every person in the world will be going digital. Every Person in the world has his/her own website. The world would be on a very different note to what we see today!

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