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Monday, December 14, 2020

Has social media changed our perception in a good or bad way?

Introduction to Social Media-

Social networking on social media networks includes the use of the internet to link users to their websites. Friends, families and friends. Social networking platforms are not necessarily about meeting new people Online, but it's going to happen. Instead it's primarily about getting in contact with friends, relatives, and you already have friends. The most prominent social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, etc. Instagram, LinkedIn. These websites allow you to share images, videos and facts, and to organise events, talk and play games online. Social media and human beings are inseparable. With new technologies coming up with every passing day people tend to engross in social media more and more.

Sometimes, each of your "friends" (Facebook) or "followers" (Twitter) is linked to each other. Much as in real life, the relations between people are not just one-on-one but a network of people.This online social network is useful for the dissemination of information, images and videos.


From waking up in the morning to closing your eyes for sleep at night social media is what keeps our life going. Relationships pattern is also influenced a lot by the presence of social media. People tend to rely on the technology and stay informed about the recent news around the globe. Let’s look at some of the positive impacts social media has in our relationships-

1.     Reducing physical distance- Long distance is a real issue in today’s world and the recent pandemic just made it worse. People cannot visit their near and dear ones and are stuck at their house, but social media bridges the gap and makes it easier to stay conected. Social media applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Google duo and many such video calling applications makes it possible for a family in USA to have a video call and experience the occasion live.

2.     Memories- This is such a beautiful feature that allows an individual to cherish the moments after the moment is gone with the help of pictures, videos, tags, check-ins. Every year on the particular date the memories flashes up and we relieve the moment again.




Every coin has two sides. Similarly we also have negative impacts of Social media in our relationships. Let’s drive through some of the cons of it-


1.     Addictive- Social media can be really addictive and lead to the miscommunication among their relationships. Communicating amongst family member in the same room can be difficult once we indulgence more into the social media trap.

2.     Mental health- In recent times everything is on social media. Young generation can really get affected by the posts of their peers, relatives and friends. If someone is going through a bad phase and  they posts about someone posting happy moments picture, it can create a negativity and disrupt the relationships. It could even lead to depression and anxiety issues.



Impact of Social Media on Business

Social networking is a modern marketing field that involves business, organisations and brands that contribute to the development of news, make friends, make connections, make followers. Businesses use social media to improve the organization's efficiency in a number of ways, such as doing business goals, growing the organization's annual revenue.

Positive Effect of Social Media on Business

·       Social media helps to better understand their audience through their preferences and dislikes. It helps companies to promote their activities.

·       Social networking sites help to create new customers by offering helpful facilities.

·       Allows to enhance business knowledge and reach beyond your online networking rivals.

Negative Effect of Social Media on Business

·       In business-filed social media, since many fans and followers are free to post their opinions on a particular organisation, negative comments can lead the organisation to a failure.

·       The wrong online brand strategy will harm a business and position it at a huge viral social disadvantage.

Impact of Social Media on Society-

As we all know, the social media has an enormous amount Impact on our society. There are many social media sites. The most popular web site. Some of the social media sites have Transformed the way people communicate and socialise.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Society

·       Another beneficial impact of the social networking site is that it brings people together on a vast forum to accomplish clear objectives. This brings positive change to society

·       Social media promotes knowledge among society, such as campaigns, advertising posts, promotions that allow society to stay up-to-date with current information.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Society

·       media can easily affect children, and often people post images, videos in the media that involve abuse, and negative things that can affect the actions of children or adolescents.

·       Social lies, including family lies, often weaken as people spend more time talking to new people.


Future Impact of Social Media-

In the recent ongoing pandemic- COVID-19 the world has seen major changing patterns in the usage of social media. With the advancement in the technology people tend to create an environment where relationship could see a major change. People get to see posts related to covid and warn their relatives about the dos and don’ts. With the introduction of Arogya Setu app, people stay aware of the no of covid affected members around them and can stay safe and make sure their loved ones, colleagues and neighbours take precautions for their welfare. Social media influencers can advise people to stay safe and their followers would watch the videos or social message posted by them.



As technology is growing, social media has become a habit for every person, people are seen to be addicted to these technologies every day. Its effect on people is different in different fields. Social networking has improved the quality and collaboration rate of students. Company uses social media to improve the organization's efficiency in a number of ways, such as achieving business goals and increasing the organization's annual revenue.

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