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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Online Behaviour and Social Media

Deciphering the role technology and social media play in the daily life of young people can help one in facilitating safe and healthy online behavior. There are guides that introduce the role of technology in youngster’s lives and directs towards supporting safe and healthy use of technology.

Social Media 101: Social media is a fast-paced discipline. With Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, Pinterest just to name a few, sometimes it's tough to keep up to the speed.
Young people love being online, and communications technology plays a strong role in their lives. They voice out their opinions on technology in many ways; they feel technology to be a useful tool to improve life, but it does not complete life. Technology is a bridge to stay connected to people around the globe. Technology means freedom!
Social media has many benefits which are fascinating to discover. It has turned youngsters into social participants, active citizens, content creators, collaborators, team players,  explorers, learners and many more!

Socialising Online: Perpetuating and sculpting social connections online can form a large part of a young person's time online, and is invariably ranked as highly enjoyable by young people. For many people, online relationships can be a vital part of their friendship group and their support network.
There are many ways in which young people socialize online. Some of the online socializing methods include client chats or instant messaging services, forums, social networking sites, writing/seeking reviews, recommendations and bookmarking, etc.

Accessing Media Online: Music, television, movies, books, comic books, and art are all readily accessible online, and consuming such media makes up a large proportion of a youngster's online time.
Streaming and downloading media such as movies, music, and books are becoming a common way for people to consume media.

There are many other factors which help in understanding Online Behaviour of youngsters using Social Media; such as Online Gaming, How people seek help online, Disclosing Personal Information, Talking about Online Safety, Internet Addiction, Statistics on Internet Use, etc. Studying these factors will help us understand behavioral changes and help youngsters take a safer path if they are trapped in any kind of possible risks/threats posed by Social Media!

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