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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Quantum Computing - The Future Technology


The quantum computing we can harness the super powers, super position and entanglement to solve the complex problems that our classical computers cannot do. Thus a quantum computer uses the quantum phenomena of subatomic particles to the compute complex mathematical problems.



A quantum computer uses qubits to supply information through the system. It’s encoded with quantum information in both states of 0 and 1 instead of classical bits which can only be 0 or 1. This means a qubit can be in multiple places at once due to the superposition.

Suppose the example, I write X on a random page in a library book with 1 million books and tell a quantum and classical computer to find the X. For a classical computer, it would have sort out through every page of every book one by one to find the X which would consume a lot of time. For quantum computer, a qubit in super position can be in to a multiple places  once so that  it can be analyze every page at the same time and find the an  X instantly.


The advantages of Quantum Computing

Like the IBM first commercial Quantum Computing breakthrough and the show case. It has been shown in theory that a quantum computer will able to perform to any task that a classical computer can, and IBM show case and demonstrated it as well. However, it does not necessarily meant that the quantum computer will out performed classical computer for all types of the task particularly once you add in a cost in the consideration. If we used the classical algorithms on the quantum computer, it will be the simply performs the calculation in similar manner to a classical computer. In order for quantum computer is to show its superiority it needs to a use new, what we call the ‘quantum algorithms’ which can be the exploit the phenomenon of quantum parallelism. In another word, we just repeat the same algorithms, nothing much to be gained.

Such algorithms are not easy to formulate, it take time and research and development (R&D) effort and resources to discover what work , famous example for one of the algorithm is the quantum factorization algorithm created by the Peter Shor of AT&T Bell laboratory. What the algorithm do is tackles the problem of factorizing of large numbers into its prime factors. And this task is classically very difficult to solve (based on current technology). Shor algorithm cleverly used effects of quantum parallelism to give results of prime factorization problem in the matter of second whereas classical computer would take, in some cases, more than the age of universe to produce a result! (You can notice that no  technology, but also we  require new break  through algorithm and we do require other supporting technology such as leverage of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data, Cloud Computing to accelerate Quantum Computing development. Above the   example, we can get a lot from the various news, since the world is to keep evolving.

The disadvantages of Quantum Computing

First thing first, it is cost.  IBM recently show cased their first commercial Quantum Computing solution, ,it’s to make viable sense to offer as “subscription” basis base on the use of the case in demand only.  The Quantum Computing, really achieved the critical mass of adoption, it take a long time for all cost variable become reasonable, then we can see how Quantum Computing revolution the current mass technology. So, it make sense to be aware that is coming, but may or may not necessary to heavy invest on it yet.

The Process of Utilizing Quantum Computing:

·       Activate qubits to reach a superposition’s of all possible states.

·       Encode the optimization problem by applying a phase on each superposition state.

·       Use methods of interference to cancel or add phases to optimize for the correct answer and shrink the wrong answers (like noise canceling in headphones).


Future Applications of Quantum Computing

·       Future Applications of quantum computers

·       Significantly improve AI technology

·       Drug research and discovery

·       More accurate weather predictions

·       Optimizing traffic control


Key Takeaways:

·       Quantum mechanics are the laws of subatomic particles with phenomena’s such as quantum tunneling, superposition and entanglement.

·       Quantum computers will use qubits to encode quantum information and calculate complex mathematical problems using superposition and entanglement.

·       Quantum computers helps in solving of optimization problems which can revolutionize drug discovery and etc.





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